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Tokubetsu Jugyou 2

Private Sessions 2 Tokubetsu Jugyo 2 Tokubetsu Jugyou 2 Tokubetsu Jyugyou 2 特別授業2 특별 수업 2

The College of Sacred Maidens is bubbling over with sexy young ladies perfectly suited for Tomoya’s lusts. So, when he crosses paths with a new student professor for the college, he’s not about to let his chance pass by – he wastes no time drugging the guy, and taking his place. Now this dangerous sex fiend is surrounded by beautiful, buxom women, and he’s already got a lot of “assignments” planned for them. The innocent cheerleader Yumi, the fiery swim girl Seira, and even Asuka, the ravishing actress. One by one, he’ll collect them all as his pets, eager sex slaves who’ll fill his every burning desire. But the girls won’t take it lying down, so to speak. What will it take for Tomoya to twist his way into the deepest parts of their hearts, minds, and luscious, energetic bodies?


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