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Muma no Machi Cornelica

Muma no Machi Cornelica - 夢魔の街コルネリカ - Cornelica, The Town of Succubi - 몽마의 도시 코르네리카

Our main character, Aru, lives in the Town of Demons, Cornelica, where the succubi live. By his side is the succubus that protects him, Lily. He lives with Lily, her protecting him from other succubus that are looking to suck him dry. Helping out the church, he is given a drug by the head of the church, Hakura, and is told that he will only get better if he cums! Next, he goes to a tavern and gets in an accident. The owner of the tavern, Rosary, and handyman, Arune, pretending to “look” after him, he is assaulted by them, receiving no mercy from their extraction…

■ Synopsis

The hero who was asked to draw water in the river while helping at the bar.
When I found a mysterious stone there and picked it up, it suddenly fell into a dazzling light.

And the next time I noticed, I was in the country where the succubus lived …!

Various devils approaching.
In order to return to the original world, you must accumulate a certain amount of magical power!

The fate of the protagonist is !?
Will you end up in an escape or an eternal slave … everything depends on your actions!
■ Situation

・ Succubus is squeezed at the back of the alley in intense cowgirl position!

・ At the church, the religion magic is applied to the gurus and squeezed to ease!

・ In the Witch’s Mansion, it is squeezed with a machine for squeezing as a magic material!

・ It will be used as a teaching material for students’ sex education at the school!

・ I was fucked in the cowgirl by the main bar, and I was hugged and made a pillow until morning until I was connected!

・ It is vulgar ass in the clothing store!

・ Breastfeeding is handjob by the aristocratic succubus!

・ While being face-mounted by the lord, it is squeezed by the tail!
■ Character introduction

Illustration: Mebura

The main character of this work.
The strange power of the stone made me wander into the town where the succubus live.
In order to return safely, it is a break that continues to accumulate magical power.

Illustration: Mebura
VC: Yuri Ayase

The appearance age is about the same as the main character.
Basically, his cheerful personality stands out for his innocent gestures,
There is also a succubus-like aspect, such as sometimes seducing the hero.
Get rid of the “charms” accumulated by the protagonist, or have a hint of adventure
He / she teaches me and supports the main character.
He is currently away from home and is based in a vacant house below Cornelica.

Illustration: Mebura
VC: Satsuki Akujo

Lord of the city of Succubus.
It was brown and had a lovely appearance, but had a child and once had a husband.
One of the most magical succubus in Cornelica,
If you feel like it, you can devote yourself just by touching it.
However, the person seems to prefer slow squeezing while tasting.
It manages the territory every day with the motto “Like a succubus.”

Illustration: Whip Maru
VC: Ryouki Ryo

A maid type golem that guards inside the castle and in the town.
The method of suppressing a suspicious person is lascivious and H-play.
There is an old model with awkward behavior and tone, and a new model with detailed behavior.
Also, because their energy is as fine as Succubus,
It may be squeezed out suddenly for refueling.

Illustration: Aiba Fuchi
VC: Satsuki Akujo

A devil with a crisp eyes. He wears a suit like a tail.
Like the other succubus, I like things that are cool but H-like.

Illustration: Cool Believers
VC: Satsuki Akujo

The owner of a bar.
Basically, he is silent and languid.
A little dark with big breasts. When I get drunk, I become talkative.

Illustration: Cool Believers
VC: Ryouki Ryo

Guru of a religious group.
Looks pretty young, but the actual age is higher than anyone else in town.
The lord is an old friend and uses a mysterious technique to rejuvenate the subject.
There are a lot of sisters in the church, including Shirara, contrary to the kindness that seems to be kind.
Its true nature is the succubus itself.

Illustration: Sigourney Weaver
VC: Moko Ashiya.

A witch who also runs a magician.
It’s strangely bright and a bit like a mad scientist.
I live in the suburbs, but I like the succubus-like H.

Illustration: Thin rare
VC: Ryouki Ryo

The owner of a dancer clothing store.
Cheerful and succubus-like and faithful to libido.
Most succubus clothes in this country belong to her store.

Illustration: Hakika
VC: Moko Ashiya.

Suspicious owner of a tool shop.
My hobby is to blame with various mischief such as anal plugs and onaholes.
It has cat ears and a tail, and for some reason it is always grinning.


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