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Megane no Megami

Megane no Megami - メガネnoメガミ - Goddess of Spectacles - 안경 여신

Severe eyeglass fetish “Hiroki” is dating “Komozawa Hitomi” who goes to the same school.
She was cute and gentle and perfect, but Hiroki had some dissatisfaction with sex with her eyes.
That was “I don’t wear glasses during sex.”
Two people seeking each other while studying for a test at home.
Hiroki’s serious attitude toward glasses and shy eyes finally wear glasses.
Hiroki who is excited by the eyes of the glasses arrives twice in a row.
Hiroki finds her sister where she has done a violent act, and she gets pounded by her sister …!?

Hot for eyeglasses Hiroki is dating one of the girls in his school, Kurumi Sawahitomi. Faithful, cute, and absolutely perfect… But, Hiroki is a bit dissatisfied with their sex. This is because she won’t wear her glasses as they have sex. As they’re studying together, they decide to fuck.

Convinced by Hiroki, she puts on her glasses. Seeing her with glasses on, he ends up fucking her twice in a row. After a rough fucking, he gets busted by his sister and gets punished by her…!?


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