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Shoujo-tachi no Sadism

Shoujo-tachi no Sadism The Animation - 少女達の茶道ism[サディズム] - Too Hot For Teacher - 소녀들의 새디즘 - 소녀들의 새디즘

Product introduction
This is the gospel for people who love beautiful girls in uniform black tights.
Hiroki Tsukiyoshi, the demon god of black tights, has come to show his horse hoof on his fascinating legs!
It’s good to suck on your instinct as you like !! You can’t take your eyes off your crotch from the video !!
According to him, “Practice is the one that learns ten from one and changes from ten.”

The essence of Japanese tea ceremony, which is deeply inviting, even though it is profane and modest.
In the hermitage tied to a corner of the school, she works hard every day through the path of the lady.
Surrounded by the maidens, even if you take a break and be provoked, no way …

“You didn’t make things that you didn’t want to make bigger, sir … ♪”

The highest peak of black tights beautiful girl harem !! yespornplease
The temptation of escalating black tights just disturbs my heart and body !?

Based on the erotic manga by Tsukiyoshi Hiroki.

Four school girls have sex with their teacher.


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