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Master Piece the Animation

Master Piece The Animation - Master Piece THE ANIMATION - マスターピース THE ANIMATION - 걸작

Master Piece the Animation: Tsubakihara Mira
Widow and mother to twin daughters. Her hobby these days is seducing her son-in-law. A MILF weak to kisses.

Tsubakihara Yuna
The elder of the twins. Her following at school is so large that she has a fanclub, but is a bit shy.

Tsubakihara Nina
The younger of the twins, she is chairman of a committee. She is very established, but is slow when it comes to romance. She is actually a scaredy-cat and likes cute things.

A sweet and dense moment with the heroines full of personality.
[Tsubakihara Mira]
Too young widow with twin daughters.
My recent hobby is a color scheme for my son.
Healing mom who is carnivorous but weak in kissing.

[Yuna Tsubakihara]
Healing in charge of sister Tsubakihara.
It is popular enough to have a fan club in the school,
A little shy.

[Nina Tsubakihara]
Sister Tsubakihara’s sister and social chairperson.
He is a solid person but he is not good at romance.
In fact, I love scared and cute things.


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