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Shoujo Kyouiku

Shoujo Kyouiku - 少女教 - 育소녀 교육

IMG1 Yoichi Shiraishi became a long-sought teacher and spent a fulfilling day in work.
On the other hand, the private part was sacrificed, and she went several years without her.
However, the turning point came when the assignment changed, and now she has a pretty girl.

Inagaki Sai. She is a student of Yoichi and is a two-way student and honorary student.
Every time he woke up in the morning, Yoichi suspected that he was dreaming, but he realized happiness with the smell of the breakfast made by Sai.
Sai frequently visits Yoichi’s room and prepares meals. However, today’s Sai is a different atmosphere.

Looking closely, she was wearing nothing but an apron.
After seeing such a figure, Yoichi’s reason blew away and carved a kiss mark on Saoi’s developing body.

Love and romance eluded the life of Youichi Shiraishi through his teenage years and his twenties. Throwing himself fully into his career as a teacher limited his opportunities for much else in life. Now in his thirties, love has finally entered his world thanks to one of his students, Sae Inagaki. Smart, athletic, and devoted, Sae’s initial proposition to cook for Youichi quickly transitioned into her declaring her love and affection for him. Though their positions as teacher and student make their love forbidden, Youichi is determined to teach his student and now girlfriend a great deal about human sexuality.

The second episode features Youichi in a different setting of Shoujo Kyouiku, this time with the young photography student, Asami Hinada. All those years of longing for love helped foster a great deal of sexual kinks within Youichi. Will Asami be able to embrace him despite them? Or perhaps she’ll love him because of them?


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