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Kunoichi Sakuya

Kunoichi Sakuya - 여닌자 사쿠야 - くのいち・咲夜

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“Please, stop it! Don’t pollute me anymore, brother-in-law !!”

A Kunoichi training animation that depicts the love-hate and lust of Sakuya, the brother-in-law who was the most ninja in the village, and his sister.
Kunoichi and Sakuya chase after their brother-in-law who has turned over to the hostile Shinobi no Sato, but have been arrested after being struck back.
Training for Kunoichi, which gradually becomes fierce.
Sakuya is raped by her brother-in-law, stared at by the public, and finally crashed into the flesh of a powerful person ○!
Tension runs in the two conflicting Shinobi no Sato.
Hikage, the most feared ninja, betrayed the village as a ninja.
Beautiful Kunoichi Sakuya chasing him challenges with a sad determination and loses …
The harsh fate imposed on Sakuya who was arrested, daily strong ○ and training.
Suffering from pollution, covered with shame, and falling forever.
Hikage did not pour any pity on the finest female ○ who was presented to the powerful person …
Original: “Kunoichi / Sakuya” Shinobi feelings get wet with shame … “(Rene) / Character draft: Masaki Kawai (“Maple “series, many others) / Planning / Producer: schoolzone, Patience Akira / Screenplay: Akira Patience / Character design / animation director: Ken Nishimura / Storyboard / Director: Tsune Tomii / Production: schoolzone


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