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Sexfriend Gakuen

Sexfriend Gakuen - セフレ学園

Original: “Sefure Gakuen” (Izminoal)

Kimoota’s Okubo got the power to brainwash any woman.
A school that is dominated by Okubo.
Both teachers and students are manipulated according to his wishes, and obscene lessons develop.

■ Story
Kimoota Okubo at the bottom of the school caste.
Of course he was looked down on by the girls in his class.

The power he obtained … Brainwashing power that anyone can instantly become a “sefure”.

Brainwashing female students and female teachers who made him stupid one after another, and continue to fuck.
Having full control of the school, he sets the next goal …

“Fut, next time I’ll sprinkle all the women in the world into my saffle!”

Announced a hentai anime adaptation OF the cgi manga “Sexfriend Gakuen” by Izuminoal. Hentai will be released in April 2020. There is no detailed description yet. Below is a rough summary of the first Chapter: The main character Takeshi Okubo studied in a private “miracle Academy “”Shoedeikan Gakuen”, which is famous throughout Japan for its excellent sports achievements. “Takeshi was able to use hypnosis to subdue all the girls in the …


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