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Nozoki Kanojo

のぞき彼女 - Peeping Girl - 엿보기 그녀

Product introduction
A further nightmare pushes up to a beautiful girl honor student who has her innocent limbs polluted!

In the first volume of “Peeping Girlfriend”, an innocent beautiful girl honor student looks into her best friend’s cheating scene and is forcibly hugged and attacked and loses her virginity in front of her best friend!
It was drawn that a pure girl was forcibly robbed of Hajimete, was accused of being embarrassed and embarrassed many times, was pushed up and gradually unraveled and fell, but during that time the man who was supposed to be aiming for In the second volume, a sneaky man who gets angry at the humiliating ○ humiliation cuckold and gives further shame ○ to the girl who has begun to fall and overwrites it!
The beautiful girl who has become easy to moisturize, endures her embarrassment as the young man says, sucks and swallows and bounces.
The shameful theater that humiliates the limbs that have become easy to moisturize, as soon as the uncle who is greedy and enthusiastic overwrites everything!
This work is a must-see, where you can fully enjoy the “maiden’s rush” along with the sorrow of a beautiful girl honor student who is obscenely disturbed!
Beautiful girl shame with outstanding practicality ○ Come to sleep and battle!

[DVD benefits]
● “Real Ecstasy Ver” menu where you can select the presence or absence of BGM
Kaede Yoshizawa is attacked.
Because I witnessed her best friend’s cheating scene …
The innocent limbs that are tossed by the tech of the new guard Kusuda will surely overflow the moisture while hating.
Kaede, an honor student, leaked in her classroom, and the care of her flowerbed became so sloppy that she was absorbed in the morning squirrel in the warehouse. Was …
Hiiragi, who couldn’t get the second-hand goods to break because of the color blur, called Kaede and forcibly hugged him from behind. It was filling up the fierceness …


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