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Mugoku no Kuni no Alice

夢獄の国のアリス 第1話 謎の数字と不思議な生き物

In “Mugoku no Kuni no Alice Episode 1 (Alice in the Dream Prison: Episode 1 – The Mysterious Numbers and Strange Creatures),” viewers are introduced to a dark and surreal adventure. The story follows Alice, a timid girl who adores her older sister, Anya. One day, Alice wakes up in an unfamiliar, eerie room, separated from Anya, which leaves her feeling lost and frightened. Determined to find her sister, Alice musters the courage to explore this mysterious and dangerous place. The environment is filled with peculiar and frightening creatures, as well as deadly traps that threaten her every move. The narrative focuses on Alice’s quest to reunite with Anya, as she navigates through various rooms and solves puzzles linked to enigmatic numbers and strange beings. The series is noted for its blend of horror and fantasy elements, featuring high-quality anime-style artwork and intricate escape room mechanics. While the visual and thematic content includes graphic scenes and mature themes, the underlying story is about bravery, sisterly love, and the mysteries of the dream-like world Alice finds herself in. As Alice delves deeper into the Dream Prison, viewers are drawn into a tale of suspense and intrigue, where every encounter and discovery brings her closer to the truth about her surroundings and the hidden secrets they hold.


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