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Shoujo Kyouiku RE

Shoujo Kyouiku RE - 少女教育RE - 소녀교육RE

Product introduction
A little perverted school story with H with cute students

Sai Inagaki is an honor student with a cool look and attitude and can study and play sports.
However, she is often shy and unskilled, so she often stays alone in the classroom without being familiar with the class.
Instructor Yoichi Shiraishi, who will be kind to her.
Sai was in love with that figure.
One day she sheds her heart to Yoichi Shiraishi.
And boldly laying his lips on Shiraishi’s lips.
Sai, who wants to do anything for Shiraishi, accepts what he wants.

Inagaki Sai looks cool and her attitude is even cooler. She’s that honors student that is good at school and sports. But due to her shyness, she can’t communicate well and often spends time alone in the classroom.

Her homeroom teacher, Shiraishi Yoichi, gives her some attention seeing her alone all the time. Sai falls in love with him because of this. One day, she confesses to him and boldly puts her lips to his. Willing to do anything for him, she does every single thing that he wishes of her.


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