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Eroriman: Junjou Meikko o Loveho ni Tsurekonde Yaritai Houdai

Our MC is lonely businessman. To entertain himself, he usually picks up a girl for a paid dates. When MC busy scrolling through the pages of the site, he found someone who’s face is familiar to him. It was his niece, Mifuyu. He found hard to believe to think the quiet & sweet girl he used to know ends up working in paid date’s service. She even sells her virginity. He booked her for the paid date and taking her to the hotel. MC was curious with what happened to her life, turns out that Mifuyu damaged her friend’s phone and now she’s trying to pay the repair’s fee. MC gave money in exchange for sex, that should solve the problem. But the situation changed. Looks like Mifuyu had something else in her mind.

PoRO plans to animate the erotic game JK to Eroriman -Junjou Meikko JK o Loveho ni Tsurekonde Yaritai Houdai.The main character in this story is a lonely middle-aged businessman, whose only entertainment is paid dates, which he orders on the website “Support for High School Girls”. Once again flipping through the pages of the site, in search of a high school student who would keep him company for the evening, he discovers a face that has long been familiar to him. It was his niece Mifuyu, who had been a quiet, reserved and sweet girl since childhood, and now posted her photos and even sold her virginity for a high price.When you have a lot of money, you need to use it to your advantage, for profit. He pays for the meeting, and takes the girl to the hotel, and when he asks what happened, he finds out that in fact she damaged her friend’s phone and is now trying to pay. Calming the girl, he skilfully slid his fingers over her, arousing her inexperienced body, and opening her eyes to true pleasures… After a while, she was so excited that she succumbed to his seduction, completely liberated, floating in the clouds, engulfed in the fire of passion, and already invited her uncle into her virgin hole.After that, in gratitude for the joys and her virginity, he gave her money to settle with a friend and thought that the problem was solved, but the situation changed quickly, what else did she need?..


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