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Aibeya The Animation - Room Sharing the Animation - 아이베야 - アイベヤ THE ANIMATION

Product introduction
Azasashi Soft and the original, one day suddenly, cohabitation life with childhood friend!

The long-awaited PC game “Ibeya” is now in OVA!
“Well, why not try it and become a lover?”
Use the original original cast!

[First limited bonus]
● “Oryo” teacher, specially drawn jacket & mouse pad

“From tomorrow, take care of Ayaki-chan’s house.”

Kota was suddenly told by her mother and decided to live in a childhood home.
A little worrisome childhood friend I’ve been together.
But I don’t even know if I like this feeling.

“Well, why not try it and become a lover?”

A lover to try and one under the roof.
Are they just childhood friends?
Or …?


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