Infinite Scroll:

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Nanami can't believe what she sees. Next to me, Shohei hangs down in a stunned self-defeat, where Sakiyoshi, who should have protected him, doesn't know ... in front of the teacher ... with such an ecstatic face ... "No, please stop ..." Nanami thinks vaguely Shohei playing with his body. Although it should be a shock, Nanami who […]

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Shouhei continues his advances, fingering Nanami under the table with Kanako in the room, throat-fucking her, and taking her from behind in an empty classroom.

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Nanami and Sakura are best friends. Nanami is the elder sister who is strong-willed and dependable, while Sakura is the reserved, but lovely little girl, who has a mega bust that is disproportionate for her petite body. They are friends from school, but they also have a connection through their families. On her days off, […]

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