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Papa Katsu!

Product introduction
Papa Katsu’s Girls Talk to Uncle Stick!

Papa katsu’s beautiful girls appear in the tag maiden “gail fee NUR”!
A beautiful girl who earns pocket money by inviting her in a branded uniform on the business card!
The virgin Namaiki who is punished just because she has a friend who is a serious girl who usually works for such a daddy activity!
The active girl of the daddy of a beautiful new girl is taken out with a stick from the uncle!
Behind the face for adults who are serious honor students, they cleverly invite them to earn pocket money!
Dad who has a daughter in the difficult situation of winning beautiful girls from assistance to support is mourning and angry!
Dirty and greedy limbs show the bill wearer’s virgin beauty mark defeated by force!
Punishment ○ “Dripping shame” that the innocent body of a beautiful girl who complains in a cage is humiliated in every corner and cries!
Enjoy the “maiden race” that can be played by the stick of the punishment uncle who pushes up without a crew!

It’s annoying …
It is the daughter-in-law’s tsumugi who angrily looks at Namiki’s complaint.
She is a serious girl unlike her appearance, wearing a uniform in a double tail.
She reaches her smartphone … I found my dad
The other party is Saki, an honor student. Unlike Tsumugi, a beautiful girl who has a lot of confidence from the teacher and is the president of the class and has excellent grades.
Her next goal for Papa Katsu is …
What are you doing? You’re not dad
Message stolen by my father-in-law, Ryo
Discipline was bad in the first place.
I also had to choose a friend who wasn’t good at sweetening my daughter-in-law
A hot and full-blown dude stick rising in front of me urged me to shove Tsumugi’s insides again …


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