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Kyonyuu Reijou MC Gakuen

Kyonyuu Reijou MC Gakuen 巨乳令嬢MC学園

The private Okyo Gakuen is a boarding school for ladies who have a long history.
From this year, the education policy changed due to the change of president, and boys will be admitted …
The boy who entered there was Takumi Ikenoue, but he was the only one.
Furthermore, the replaced president is a student who attends the school.

She is a girl who has won the chairmanship because of her excellence as well as her prestigious family.
The reason why there was only one man who entered the school was due to the strategy of the president.

The president, who looks down on the man, targeted Takumi, who came to the school alone, and used it as an outlet for the anger of other students.
Takumi is placed at the bottom of the school hierarchy and messing around begins.

Eventually, the escalating girls’ bullying turns into her direct bullying.
After giving a little bit to Takumi with half a tease, the reaction led to further bullying.

Takumi, whose appearance and contents are dull, was a good outlet for adolescent female students.
Since the president is the cause of the bullying in the boarding system, the teachers pretend not to see it.

Takumi, who had no escape, was spending days enduring earnestly.
Eventually it becomes a daily routine and even makes me think, “I am that kind of person. That is my role …”.
Takumi was in pain but couldn’t think of running away.

One day when such days continued, he noticed that the whole school was mind-controlled by chance.
Takumi who got angry found the cause, and on the contrary, he was on the side of mind control.
“If you have this … everything I’ve done so far … I can give you back …”

Takumi simmered his dark passion.


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