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Knight of Erin


Product introduction
Sex = experience points !? A woman’s weapon is an erotic body sex and become stronger !!

The royal road of fantasy, the specialty of the erotic “Majin”, has arrived !!
This “Majin” label partner is … The first complete animation of the doujin circle “sugar star”, a blockbuster RPG game “Knight of Erin” in which a busty female warrior plays an active role! !!
Mercenary Erin was saved by the sword spirit Nighthawk after being attacked by a demon and dying.
Then they are adventuring together, helping each other.
This is the story of those two people.

[DVD benefits]
● Before and after plastic surgery !? A video that noticed my changes
Her name is Erin.
Traveling the world while fighting as a mercenary with the sword spirit Nighthawk.
One day, when I touched a mysterious object in the treasure house of the castle, the magical power of Nighthawk was robbed.
Erin escapes from a castle soldier in a honey trap.
However, Hawk’s magical power remains lost.
Under the guidance of Tom Cat, the spirit of the shield that appeared in front of them, Erin decided to visit various shrines in order to regain Hawk’s magical power.
Thus, the adventure of Erin and his friends began.
Squeezing magical power from goblins, squeezing breast milk in the trial of the shrine, and working part-time as a bunny for money.
Erin and Nighthawk’s naughty rare journey begins.
“For the purpose. I don’t like it.”
Sex = experience points !?
The woman’s weapon is an erotic body
Have sex and be strong !!


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