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Kindan no Byoutou

Forbidden Ward The Animation - Kindan no Byoutou The Animation - 禁断の病棟 THE ANIMATION - 금단의 병동

Based on the erotic game by Atelier Kaguya Team Heartbeat.

Yuusa Sousuke is a special case doctor who treats perverted women with strange methods…

[Sara Kamiizumi]
Sarah, a wealthy female princess with phobia, had been counseled by a psychiatrist, Sosuke.
Sosuke possesses a special power “Secret-Desire,” and when she is fascinated by her eyes, she releases her contraindications and behaves in unexpected ways.
Sara also forgiven Sosuke for her heart and took off her clothes as she was told …

[Azumi Shiomi]
Azusa, a mother of two children and a swim class instructor, was worried about sexlessness.
The thing that is so thin that it looks so stressful looks like a meat stick …
Sosuke provides counseling for Azumi and uses the power of “secret = desire”.
She was changed into a swimsuit in front of a male member in a swimming class …!?

[Rinne Katsura]
Sosuke wore only a nurse cap and nurse clothes on her nurse’s reincarnation, and played exposure to walk through the hospital late at night.
In the lobby, Rinne masturbates with a fork in front of Sosuke and gives a blowjob.
In addition, Sosuke applies to the anal of Rinne ……… !!


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