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Iyashite Agerun Saiyuuki

Iyashite Agerun Saiyuki - Iyashite Agerun Saiyuuki - Karma SaiyukiThe Karma Saiyuki - 癒してあげルン 西遊記 - 치유해줄께 서유기

Product introduction
I will heal you in a slightly unusual Saiyuki ♪

Machines that are abandoned and disposable as soon as they are broken.
Three people heal such machines with mysterious power and repair them. The name is also “Healing Corps”.
By the way, naughty embarrassment Tsutomu who knew the secret of its existence and mysterious power unfolds a naughty and lewd hyper healing world!
Today, we continue our journey today.

Mayuko (Goku), Izumi (Sagojo), Usagi (Hakkai), and Tsutomu (Mr. Sanzo) all stopped at a certain town on their journey.
There, dreamy meals and high-quality esthetics were waiting for everyone. Izumi, rabbit and Tsutomu are mellow with the esthetics of Miss Este.
But behind that, weird mechanical sounds …!う か Are there any unfortunate machines here too !?
Original: TTB / Producer: Shin Maruyama, Junhisa Uchida / Character Design: Takuya Suzuki, Tatsuya Suzuki / Drawing Director: Tatsuya Suzuki / Director: Takeshi Yoshimoto / Sound Production: Kazutomo Tomino / Music: Takataka Nakagawa / Recording: Hatsuji / Effect: Masami Kitakata (Fizz Sound Creation) / Dubbing Studio: Aoi Studio / Dubbing Studio: Studio Don Juan / Sound Production: Office Fit Ring / Sound Production Cooperation: Sound Team Don Juan / Casting: Matsuoka Cho (Osawa Office) / Director: Junhisa Uchida

A hentai version of the famous “Journey to the West” where Goku & co are big breasted babes.


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