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Houkago Initiation

After School Initiation - Houkago Initiation - 放課後Initiation

“The right way to keep a childhood friend”
The childhood friend “Konomi” and the twin brothers “Rin” and “Yu” had a distorted relationship.
Onomi also liked the long and cute cock of the cock and the thick and ugly cock of Yu.
Aoi and Yu compete to decide which is better for Onomi.
What is the conclusion made by Onomi who was treated like a pet?

“Virgin man and tiger ear woman”
A beautiful and student council president “Reiko Oshikiri” has called out to the “virgin” of the same class.
When I went to the designated place and opened the door, there was a figure of Ryoko who was entangled with other students.
At the end of sexual processing, Ryoko Sato is tempted by “Do you want to have sex with me?”
The point is to refuse, but the runaway of the lower body can no longer be stopped.
But instead of having sex, Satoko made a promise to be at the heart.


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