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Hime-sama Love Life!

Princess Love Life! - Hime-sama Love Life! - 姫様LOVEライフ! - 공주님 Love 라이프

Yahiro is enjoying his life with his girlfriend Maika. She is usually very bitchy, but after a bit of prying, she is really just an obedient slut. Seeing her like that, Yahiro decides to take advantage.

“You know, it feels good in the ass too.”

Surprised Maika responds and says

“You freaking pervert trash.”

She complains, but Yahiro reaches for her legs as she gets smaller and smaller from fear. This only makes Yahiro more aroused…

Product introduction
Tsundere blame the princess’s ass!

The princess heroine has arrived on the “Petit” label coquttish doll!
Introducing the first animated version of Princess Sugar’s original “Princess LOVE Life,” which releases the heroine’s PC game, into an erotic cute girl!
The erotic cute first team is popular under the nickname of the fighting bancho!? “Oh Maika” The princess’s naughty body is groped every corner!
With a sharply embarrassed appearance, with a boldly clouded limb, a beautiful girl of noble position persistently tossed and made a book that spreads wet!
The butt that flirts with Masaki Himeki who is a cheeky highway with punishment and blame with behaviors and attitudes that are not like princesses!
The glamor of the princess desperately shy and endured in agony, as well as the cloudiness of your crotch!


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