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Fighting of Ecstasy

Fighting of Ecstasy - ファイティング オブ エクスタシー

Erotic fighting anime based on the Crimson game is now available on Gold Disc!
Public cum of shame on the ring! And the humiliation ring will heat up …

A victorious fighting queen reveals his masochistic constitution through public humiliation training …
Elite female ninja is humiliated without resistance by a hostage sister …

[Total 2 volumes]
Vol.1 “Female Fighter Sanka”
Vol.2 “The miserable female ninja”

Vol.1 “Female Fighter Sanka”
The invincible fighting queen, Black Rose, has flown into the underground martial arts arena in search of a stronger opponent. Since she was too strong, betting was not possible, and the host organization of the troubled underground martial arts competition created a brutal android. The queen, who has always been victorious, collapses in front of an android with overwhelming strength. Spanking of humiliation, licking the crotch with embarrassment, and stripping off the costume … The queen who is not used to being blamed can no longer stand the punishment play in front of the big crowd, and the nature is gradually revealed.
In order to make the masochist constitution reveal more masochism, the organization performs a remodeling operation on the fighter who Rose has once kicked. Rose is struck, squeezed, beaten and fainted by intense fighting attacks. And the public humiliation show continues …

Vol.2 “The miserable female ninja”
Shion, the descendant of a ninja, is taken hostage by his sister’s red feathers in an organization that infiltrates at the request of the police. The way to escape the organization was to win the underground martial arts competition. However, color blame is sent out one after another to the body affected by the aphrodisiac gas. Shion, who was supported by a strong sense of mission to help her little sister, but continued to endure with the last thoughts, but was finally beaten by two Androids from behind!
Non-resistive public insult increased in intensity, and the organization’s next blame was prepared by Satoshi and Sister’s red feathers, who once admired Shion. The two who became traps seeking only pleasure by brainwashing the organization further blamed Shion, who became irritable. In repentance and pleasure, Shion was losing his ego …

Original: Crimson
Director, Character Design, Drawing Director: Nana Tamaki
Storyboard: Michizo Saito
Screenplay: Sima Gen
Production: Pink Pineapple
Contents (from “Kinema Shunposha” database)
Gold disc of insulting fighting animation by Crimson original. The invincible fighting queen reveals his masochistic constitution through public insult training. Includes “Female Fighter Sanka” and “Ninja Miserable”


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