Kimi Omou Koi Episode 2

Narumi loves staring at girls in racing swimsuits so much that he became the leader of theswimming club. But, because this staring caught the attention of the girl members, and theycomplained about it to the Discipline Committee’s Kurosawa. The Discipline Committee uppingtheir patrol game, Narumi’s peaceful days of staring at girls in swimsuits is assaulted. Left withno other choice, Narumi resolves to put on the swimsuit himself to suppress his urges. He plans to put on theswimsuit near a pool that isn’t used much, but is seen by Kurosawa. Kurosawa tells him tofocus more on actually participating in club activities, but she also realizes how hard it is tosuppress his passion towards swimsuits. To get him to reform himself, she makes a big move.
Alternate Names: Kimi Omou Koi|君想ふ恋|
Aired: 04/04/2019
Episodes: 2