Yue ni Hitozuma wa Netorareta Episode 2

“Hototogisu no Hiyoko”It’s been 2 years since Aoi married into the Kojima household. She is told by her mother-in-lawthat it is her duty to give birth to children and protect the household. She is tasked with taking careof the head of the household, Houichigorou. She is given the choice to get knocked up or leavethe Kojima household.“Hitozuma wa Ni-do Okosareru”Miho is blackmailed by her neighbor, who filmed her having sex with her ex. She offers herbody in exchange for the deletion of that video…“Yue ni Chounaikaichou wa…”A young couple moves to a new neighborhood where they have no acquaintances. Theirneighbor is the trusty head of the neighborhood association and they have a drink together. Thewife goes to sleep in their bedroom, leaving the husband to face off against the head in adrinking game. The husband loses, and the head goes to the couple’s bedroom to take the wife’sbody.
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Aired: 04/11/2019
Episodes: 3