Tsuma ni Damatte Sokubaikai ni Ikun ja Nakatta cover

Tsuma ni Damatte Sokubaikai ni Ikun ja Nakatta is a hentai anime adaptation of the NTR manga of the same name by Hatake no Oniku Minamoto by T-Rex. The hentai will consist of two OVAs and will be released in October 2023. Every summer, the husband of the main character Yumiko goes on a business trip. She feels incredibly lonely and experiences complete sexual dissatisfaction. In her husband’s office, Yumiko discovers a porn magazine “Koteriya” and begins to masturbate frantically, imagining her husband fucking her hard. At that very moment, Kazuya’s neighbor appears from somewhere… Yumiko is unable to resist the young male’s sexual desire and soon she becomes his sex toy. In the second OVA, Yumiko goes to a naughty cosplay event to find out the truth about her husband’s summer business trip. It would seem that she has an ideal disguise and she will easily expose her husband, but the libertine Kazuya went on a trip with her….