Isekai Yarisaa cover

There was a popular group of men who loves picking up a girls around the campus and having sex with them, but they died in ridiculous way, their leader casually smoking in a room that filled with flammable substances. When they wakes up, they saw unusual sightseeing. A lizard-man, a pig-man was wandering around the town. They realized that they got transported to another world. In their previous lives, they only know how to picks up a girl and completely a blockheads in everything else. They plan to live the same life as before. Their first target is a female warrior, but they were looked down upon by her. However, our mc’s knows how to deal with a short tempered woman like her. The first journey to conquer a woman in another world begins.

T-Rex Studio has announced a new hentai anime work based on the manga “Sekai YariCir -Omae no Mono wa Ore no Mono-” by the author Rokumarusou. Hentai is set in an alternate world. Three perverted guys after a careless death, get a second chance and are reborn in this world. Immediately after moving, they meet a super sexy female warrior who is wildly amused by their appearance and the low level of their skills. The girl became the first …