Imouto Paradise! 3 cover

Yuichi, the eldest son of the Nanase family, and his five cute sisters, a very naughty paradise life continues.

Dreaming of the etch between Yoharu (Haharu) and her eldest daughter Sakura (Sakura), the pleasure of attacking Yuichi who was sleeping a little !?
When she wakes up, the youngest girl, Hinata, who is interested in the male body on Yuichi’s bed, has three girls, pomegranates, who are in a fully open restraint lesson!
Mushrooms are rolled out and smashed!
Rika, the second daughter masturbating on Yuichi’s bed, can not be obedient to the holes before and behind the holes!
It is my brother’s duty to respond to the love of my sisters!!

Starting with a lewd dream about his 5 sisters in compromising positions, our protagonist’s life is about to level up! While his parents are away on a trip for a month he is assaulted by his youngest and oldest sister’s sexual desires, his dream starts to become a reality…