Honoo no Haramase Paidol My Star Gakuen Z cover


All SQUEEZ class-produced works are made into OVA with pink pineapple!
Producer! We’re going to make an anime debut this time!

・”He’s a cute younger boy♪”
Momoka summer shooting a gravure at the beach. After the end, the eroticism begins in the swimsuit.
Peach summer that pours coconut milk into the cleavage and makes you drink.
If you prank on the huge breasts, then you will get a fucking fuck and a pie fellatio.

・”Voice work! Prepare a naughty script… Do you want me to do this?”
Nanako is made to read a naughty script at the dubbing studio.
Nanako rubs her breasts in order to give her reality and responds to her while satisfying even more horny requests.
If you blame it with standing back as it is, you will start to pant that is not in the script …!!

・”Today I’m a liquid all day long. I’m back on the crackdown on molestation!”
Akino, Kobato, and Sion, who serve as station fans at local stations all day long as fan service.
Akino straddles the ticket gate and pushes up violently with the posture of the reverse station valve.
Further blame Kobato and Zion from the back…!?