Hitozuma Mitsu to Niku cover

Takamura is invited to a fitness club by the wife of the managing director at her husband’s job. She goes and moves around her body. Just when she thinks she’s done, the wife says that things are just getting started. Onda is told by his upperclassmen about this part-time job so he goes to check it out. He goes for an interview, and then is told about the “special menu” the shop offers, which he decides to try out.

Takamura has gotten absorbed into this new “fitness” club so much that her husband has started to become slightly surprised at her enthusiasm. Onda passed the interview and is introduced to Takamura and after hitting it off well, decide to have a double date with lewd adventures included!

Let’s Get Physical! Time for a double date with an overnight stay for our cheating wives and their new playboys. Off to a fancy resort where they can have their wild sexual escapades! Paradise Two virgins brought in by much older and much more experienced women are given the “ride” of their young lives!

Stuffed in a Kimono that is uncomfortable and rigid, she can’t wait to get back inside and get back into normal clothing once her husband has departed. She has plans for their servant boy who can help her with what her husband is neglecting… The boyfriend of her daughter has come to her with a quite troublesome problem… he just can’t manage to fit inside of her daughter. What better way than to show him how it’s done?