Furifure 2 cover

Sumire is about to lose her home, she can’t afford to pay for it anymore…so she decides to sell the one thing she has left…her body. Little does she know, the man she ends up giving her first time to is…


Product introduction

A sequel to the smash hit of Noesis x Coffee Noble!

“Furifure” was popular because it drew the extreme story of pure love or ○ humiliation between two people who got acquainted with the dating bulletin board “FreeFriends”.
The sequel is a brother-sister thing that produces more lewdness!
Depending on whether or not the hero who accidentally had an enkou dating with his real sister who died when he was young tells the truth, the subsequent development changes to pure love or ○ humiliation route.
Do you want Icharab that goes beyond lover feelings and family love, or do you want a physical relationship with dark feelings?
Days full of immorality and eros of brothers and sisters unfold!

As I head home, I pick up my cell phone and access that bulletin board.
…… A bulletin board system that has become a hot topic in the Internet world for the past few years.
A runaway girl or a school refusal girl establishes a physical relationship with a stranger, earns accommodation for the day, and money.
A bulletin board used for that purpose.
There, even I, who is not good at building deep relationships like a lover, can satisfy my desires just by spending money.
Some might ridicule the act as enkou dating, but it’s just the best communication tool for me.

“Well, who is today?”

Eventually, the screen of the mobile phone changes and the name of the bulletin board is displayed on the display.
The name of the bulletin board is …