Akane wa Tsumare Somerareru cover

Akane Wa Tsukuru Some rare ru will tell about a couple of students who are members of their school’s baseball club. Despite the fact that the members of the group are forbidden to have any romantic relationship, they secretly became a guy and a girl. Unfortunately, one day they are discovered by the coach of the team, and they will have to be punished, or rather, the punishment will be borne by the girl. Since the coach is famous as a misogynist …
Akane, the manager of the baseball club aiming for Koshien, was secretly dating with Shoya, a member of the club.
She is known to the director of the baseball club, Togo, and she is asked for her body with Shoya’s regular as a shield.
She was Akane who reluctantly handles the director’s sexual processing because of her boyfriend’s dream of participating in Koshien regular.