Sotsugyou XX Densha Episode 4

Bunta Kusade had no beautiful memories.
He was despised by his classmates and had a cold look from his longing female teacher.
Even when I met Kanoko Nakajima, I was scared from the beginning.
His life was full of inferiority complex and self-loathing.
That is why he was looking for memories.
A few years after that incident, Bunta appears again under Kanoko who was transferred.
Drowning in delusions and running away in reality, he attacks Kanoko while still trapped in delusions.
Kanoko's body is 〇〇 by the ferocious male.
Shaking milk meat and crushed ass meat while being made a violent rhythm.
Kanoko's consciousness goes away from the cloudy liquid that is poured one after another.
The delusion of a man finally becomes a reality and attacks a female teacher.
Unfulfilled memories turn into monsters of grudge.
His actions, yes, just followed his instinct.

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Episodes: 4