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The long-awaited OVA Volume 2 of the douujinshi "Succubus Ted Life", which is also a masterpiece of the popular writer Tomoe Sasamori, has been released by the blockbuster creator "Kazuhiro Obara" in the adult animation world! Sakuramachi, a classmate who is sober and unfriendly but popular with boys, was a succubus !? With a tongue […]

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PinkPineapple Studio and Director Ohara Kazuhiro (Seikatsu Shuukan The Animation, Tonari no Ie no Anette-san The Animation) announced a hentai anime adaptation of the manga "Succubus Stayed Life" authored by the popular mangaki NANIMOSHINAI or Sasamori Tomoe (Houkago no Yuutousei). My name is Matsukawa. Since my parents often work away from home, I started living […]

1 Episode