Infinite Scroll:


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The end of the Heian Era. Shaga saved the orphan, Yoshitsune, on a whim and has taken care of him ever since. Avoiding the men dispatched by the Taira family, Shaga and Yoshitsune head for Hiraizumi, where they discover a new part of themselves.

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Shikkoku no Shaga Episode 3



It is the last years of the Heian Era.Shaga, a large crow monster that lives in Mount Kurama and saved a child by chance, is now left with the task of protecting Ushiwakamaru.Avoiding the assassins sent by the Heike family, and on their way to Oushuu’s Hiraizumi, Shaga finds her new self...

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Shikkoku no Shaga Episode 2


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This is a story about true love. Forbidden love, love against human nature, love for a monster. A hot monster, but a monster nonetheless. Can you walk away in one piece after getting some of that fine monster pussy? Probably not, butt fuck it #yolo.

1 Episode