Infinite Scroll:

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As a successor, she pursued perfection in everything, and reigned at the school as a chairman, an absolute being that everyone longs for. On the other hand, there was ... even during the execution of admitted Yuji Sado another idea with no female pig masochist service to as a counterpart to which itself obedience to […]

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Hentai " Kanpeki Ojou-sama no Watashi ga Dogeza de Marzo Ochasuru Choro inn Wakkanai Desu wa!"filmed on the eponymous novel authored Takahane Shin. The main character of the hentai girl named Shirogane Irina half Russian half Japanese. She has a restless character and she loves everything extreme and extraordinary including exotic sex. Irina has an […]

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The stupidly powerful Shirogane Group.Trina is the daughter and heir to this group.As the heir, she seeks perfection in everything she does, making it no mystery that she is adored by everyone as the school president.On the other hand, she is also a masochist bitch who faithfully pleases the master she chose, Sado Yuuji.As she […]

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A princess in every way, except that under her calm and cool exterior lies a masochistic slave who wants nothing more than to be punished.Is there anyone who can tame her..?Who can earn the right to be her master...?What about the boy with cold eyes who shows such indifference towards her when everyone else lavishes […]

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