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The wife would always see her husband off in a kimono. However, she couldn't help but feel uncomfortable in a house with such class and formality. As a result of coaching his servant Shinnosuke from a virgin, he had grown up to satisfy his wife in a well-behaved manner. But Shinnosuke's intentions weren't just to […]

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"Let's get physical !! Episode 2" Takamura decides to go to a membership-based fitness club frequently while feeling humbled by her husband. Onda will be introduced to the instructors that Shimadzu interviewed and passed successfully. After a series of exercises, a special menu has finally begun. Despite being overwhelmed by Onda's strong realities, he was […]

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Hentai "Hitozuma, Mitsu to Nika" is based on the manga of the same name by Tsukino Jyogi in November 2019. In the first series, the main character was invited to a fitness club by her Housewives girlfriends to lose some weight, but everything went wrong. The club was for perverts guys who love to fuck […]

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