Infinite Scroll:


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The price for falling into corruption is having her relationships go awry… She goes into a daze as she is fucked on top of a glass table… The moments of shyness make her day more colorful… The wetness isn’t just from the sudden thunderstorm… Continuing on her path, she creates waves that will cause her […]

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Furifure 2 Episode 4


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Forgetting any sort of bashfulness in their passionate relationship, the two continue to live their daily lives. In fact, their love affair only gets hotter by the day. Their rendezvous at school only get more dangerous too. Sumire continues to fall deeper into the main character’s trap, yearning more and more for his stuff. In […]

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Furifure 2 Episode 3


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I met him on a meetup site wanting money...Not knowing he was my brother when we first met, I viewed him more as a person of the opposite sex, making our relationship not so easy to end…Suddenly we ended up living together, he makes me succumb to pleasure as he assaults me in my sleep…In […]

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Furifure 2 Episode 2


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Sumire is about to lose her home, she can't afford to pay for it she decides to sell the one thing she has left...her body. Little does she know, the man she ends up giving her first time to is...

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Furifure 2 Episode 1