Rune's Pharmacy: Tiarajima no Okusuriya-san Episode 2

Rune is called to a large mansion to care for the sick maiden Mei.Mei has a sickness where she cannot control her futanari body's urges.After using her own body to help suppress Mei's urges, Rune heads to Grou-peak in search of better medicine.However, she is greeted by a monstrous cyclops there and...
Alternate Names: Rune`s Pharmacy ~ティアラ島のお薬屋さん~|Rune`s Pharmacy: The Pharmacist of Tiara Isle|Rune`s Pharmacy: Tiarajima no Okusuriya-san|Rune`s Pharmacy: Tiara-tou no Okusuriya-san|
Aired: 03/08/2019
Episodes: 3