Ochi Mono RPG Seikishi Luvilias Episode 3

The Demon Army that suddenly invaded the peaceful human world. Holy Knight Ruviglius rises and confronts Demon King Voice. The voice that defeated Ruvilias with the genie Tia, sticks to the beauty of a beautiful woman knight, trying to make her own.“I do n’t like… I do n’tlike it anymore… please pull it out,” pull out. A voice that boasts a fresh and exquisite female body. However, immediately after that, Ruvilias has relocated. After that, Sister Iris and Lori Busty Witch Lifria were added to the group, and Voice prepared for a rematch with Ruvilias.
Alternate Names: 堕ちモノRPG 聖騎士ルヴィリアス 第一章 奪われた純潔 ~ルヴィリアスの決断~
Aired: 07/26/2019
Episodes: 4