Love x Holic: Miwaku no Otome to Hakudaku Kankei The Animation Episode 1

A world where Ami and humans live together. Amano Dazai confesses to Onigami Suzuka, a demon daughter, but is sunk. If you walk down the corridor while feeling depressed, you will kiss the half of the vampire and Yukijo, the school's number one beautiful girl, Akane Kanie.Since then, Dazai has come to feel the hot eyes of demi women for some reason. It is said that all the body fluids of Dazai have been changed to “Awakening Magic” due to the kiss with Beni. In this way, Dazai who became a special constitution that awakens Ajin, to etch to awaken the red sound ...!Dazai who finishes intense awakening etch and stops by at a convenience store. So I found a beautiful dragon-skinned brown girl Seira who was entangled in her father and helped her with her success. Losing Seira's aggressive temptation, Dazai is once again ecstatic ...?!
Alternate Names: ラブホリック~魅惑の乙女と白濁カンケイ~ THE ANIMATION 上巻
Aired: 11/28/2019
Episodes: 2