Do S na Seitokaichou-sama ga M Note Episode 4

Overthrowing Maina as the rightful masochist slave to Souta, Shino is faithfully serving her Master today as well. Maina watches on as Shino one ups her with her soft and gentle service. Shino as her enemy makes Maina unable to practice her motto of being always perfect and had no choice but to pull back, which is causing a bad reputation for the campaign. Faced with the downfall of the person she always admired, Shino calls out the President. “You’re pitiful,” she says as she looks at her former idol in scorn.
Alternate Names: Do S na Maina Kaichou-sama ga M Note ni Shihai Saremashita|Do S na Seitokaichou-sama ga M Note ni Shihai Saremashita|Super Sadistic Student Council President Maina-sama Gets Controlled by the M Note|ドSなマイナ会長サマがMノートに支配されました.|ドSな生徒会長サマがMノートに支配されました.|
Aired: 09/28/2018
Episodes: 4